Next Generation Plantation Shutters

PolyTherm® Shutter Insulating System

Windows are the main source of heat gain/loss inside the home. The correct window treatment can help, and our PolyTherm® Shutter Insulating System is the most energy efficient solution on the market.

What Makes PolyTherm® Better Than The Competition?

It starts with our unique material, engineered with a dense wood alternative to block air flow and coated with a highly-durable, tough exterior shell. Each shutter frame includes a patented weather-stripping along each side to provide optimal window insulation; blocking more temperature and light than any other shutter. Finally, with UV inhibitors in both the material and baked into the paint finish, PolyTherm® withstands and protects your interiors from the strongest of sun rays.

And all this direct from the manufacturer in your area, delivered and professionally installed in weeks, not months, at prices that are the envy of our competitors!

A Better-Built Shutter

As well as these impressive insulation properties, PolyTherm® Shutters also include a number of additional benefits;

  • Louvre and Stile Aluminium Inserts rendering these shutters Unbreakable
  • High Density Polymer material that won't chip, crack, warp or split
  • Astragal bi-fold stiles for increased light block and improved heat retension
  • Moisture-resistant and fire-resistant
  • Up to 70% more energy-efficient than traditional wood shutters
  • Completely recyclable material
  • Manufactured by a dealer close to you with short 2-3 week lead times

At PolyTherm® Shutters, we’re committed to designing spectacular window shutters that transform your home. Our PolyTherm® plantation shutters deliver a stunning, luxury appeal that will outlast any other shutter.

See how our top-of-the-line PolyTherm® Shutters can bring the smart engineering of durability, energy efficiency, and expert design to your home.

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